For the City of Lancaster/MOAH


The crosswalks were painted over the course of 3 days using the City’s roadmarking tools, traffic paint and equipment. I only designed a portion of a section in advance and trusted my ability to ‘play jazz’ with all the giant stencils of symbols and letters while on-site. My mission was to achieve a balance as far as ‘weight’ and color goes, but also to find patterns and new symbols along the way through configuration. Big shout out to the city workers who assisted me: Chris, Dave and Gary! Painted for the City of Lancaster in collaboration with the Museum of Art and History, curated by Museum Manager Andi Compognone.

For PopLife / Mindstyle in Guandong, China

For PopLife / Mindstyle in Guandong, China. These are 3 of 12 walls on my floor at the ProAm Studio City Building that will house a creative hub, artist residency, film production and film school when finished. The other walls will be wall graphics I designs. Other floors have been designed and painted by Futura2000. MadSteez. Mark Bode, King Saladeen and others. Shouts to MD, Ben and RCNSTRCT!

'Kingdom is Within' in Greensboro, NC

'Kingdom Is Within' // Painted for @createyrcty at Tracks Bazaar in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Since this mural is painted in the South I thought I'd put a flip on something profound and mystical Jesus said: "Lift a stone and you will see my face, break a twig and you will hear my voice. The Kingdom of Heaven is Within." In essence saying that we have the seeds of happiness and self-realization built in us as a human beings, if only we had the attention to see it and develop it. Interesting that this concept also appears in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. Very similar to a Zen Koan.

The silo represents 'any old structure', useful yet mechanical. Sort of like us as people. We more or less all look and behave the same when looked at from a far enough vantage point. Eat, secrete,sleep and reproduce or simulate reproduction. The notes pinned to the outside of the structure represent 'notes to self' and have 5 symbols painted on them which represent some of the possible ways to gain access to a deeper understanding of the Self once contemplated and/or experienced:

1. yin/yang - balance

2. key - problem solving

3. infinity - boundlessness

4. death - the counter part to life

5. merkabah - mysticysm

The cluster of eyes represent Awareness, Playfulness and Creative Life Force.

I'll let you guys decide what the optical illusion part of the mural means.

Special thanks to Ryan Saunders and Kotis Properties!