For the City of Lancaster/MOAH


The crosswalks were painted over the course of 3 days using the City’s roadmarking tools, traffic paint and equipment. I only designed a portion of a section in advance and trusted my ability to ‘play jazz’ with all the giant stencils of symbols and letters while on-site. My mission was to achieve a balance as far as ‘weight’ and color goes, but also to find patterns and new symbols along the way through configuration. Big shout out to the city workers who assisted me: Chris, Dave and Gary! Painted for the City of Lancaster in collaboration with the Museum of Art and History, curated by Museum Manager Andi Compognone.

14 locations for the City of West Hollywood


‘The Sunset Experience’ // I painted and added my touches to 14 locations along the Sunset Strip - in collaboration with Gehl - the project aims to make Sunset Blvd. a safer place to walk, welcoming pedestrian interaction and engagement. The project was commissioned by the City of West Hollywood.

For Malcolm in Venice Beach


Hanging out with Malcolm this past week has been more than great. I painted his truck 11 years ago, and thought it was time for an update. Malcolm may be technically homeless, but he has the truck and it’s his home. He may not own much, but he is rich in spirit, optimism, humor and realness.

It’s amazing how much we take for granted. Running water, warm water, electricity, refrigeration, the value of 1 dollar etc. We’re so wasteful and consumed by consumption. When he’d make me sandwiches I caught myself almost throwing the paper plate away, but that paper plate isn’t just a paper plate - it has value and it is respected for what it is, so it’s kept and used again. . The more I painted, the happier he got and the more he wanted to give me. T-Shirts, food that was donated to him, which was very hard to accept at first. But the way it was is just that we both shared what we had, and it’s as simple and as beautiful as that. Great lesson in life. Most of us take without giving because we don’t yet know that giving IS receiving. As they say in Zen: ‘the nature of the bowl is to be filled. If your bowl is empty, go clean your bowl.’

In the end I painted every square inch of the truck, detailing it out and putting all my love into it, working with him on color choices, etc.

Here’s a list of things that would further help Malcolm, if any of u can help or donate these things please email me at  🙏:

-solar panel charging system so he can have electricity

-side window glass (it’s currently cracked)

-new engine

-chest of drawers

Ps: if you ever see him around Venice go say hello, he’d appreciate that 💘 . #givingisreceiving #venicebeach #muchlove #grumantruck #wonderbreadtruck

For PopLife / Mindstyle in Guandong, China

For PopLife / Mindstyle in Guandong, China. These are 3 of 12 walls on my floor at the ProAm Studio City Building that will house a creative hub, artist residency, film production and film school when finished. The other walls will be wall graphics I designs. Other floors have been designed and painted by Futura2000. MadSteez. Mark Bode, King Saladeen and others. Shouts to MD, Ben and RCNSTRCT!

'Into Light and Space' Solo Show

Very proud to introduce this new body of work. I'm delving into the world of fabrication using lightboxes, neon, plexi and various print techniques. After painting in the street for 25 years this is a real departure for me. See you at the show!